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Favorite Pie Supplies

Hello Friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and if you celebrated Father's Day I hope that was great too! Here at our house we did celebrate Father's Day, we did not do much, but did enjoy a delicious Chocolate Pecan Pie!

I have always enjoyed baking and cooking, anyone that knows me, knows this is one of my Love Languages! If it is your birthday, or a special holiday or event you can almost always bet I am making you something yummy! My husband and kids really enjoy getting to pick a cake, pie or dessert for me to make on their birthdays and holidays. This Father's Day was no different!

I was excited to make a pie, because Eric gifted me some amazing supplies this past Christmas. I have only used them a few times and was happy to test out the weighted pie beads in my pie crust. I have made homemade crust a few times before, and it never came out quite right, or was extremely difficult to roll out. I found a recipe on TikTok which can be found here!

Now I did not have a food processor to make her pie crust, so I did have to improvise just a little bit. I was able to use my Kitchen Aid Mixer, and as far as I can tell the crust came out perfect! It will be a recipe I continue to use in the future, and it was actually quite easy to make!

I was also able to use the silicone pastry mat that Eric got me for Christmas! I love this thing, and have used it many times. We use it when we make cinnamon rolls and pizza crust, and its awesome! One benefit to this mat, the mess of flour is contained to this mat and much easier to clean than the counter. It also has the round template with measurements which is really helpful when making pie.

If you are looking for a really deep pie dish, that is also beautiful I highly recommend this Ceramic Pie Dish by Mora . It is so well made, and seems to be very good quality. I have two, and I can't say enough good things about them.They are also microwave and dishwasher safe. I plan to buy more products from the Mora Brand. Eric has always been a great gift giver, if there is one thing you can count on it's that he will find the best quality items. The items he got me for making pie are sure to last a lifetime, and I can not wait to use them over the years.

To finish off the day the kids gave him a ton of hand made gifts that they were proud of making for him. We also gave him a set of items to clean his cowboy boots. I looked into several kits that were available and ended up piecing things together to make my own kit for him. I watched some videos and read some reviews on boot cleaning, as we both have no clue how to care for boots, and want our Ariat Boots to last a lifetime.

I settled on this set of horse hair brushes, golden mink oil and saddle soap. They are very big containers and imagine will last us a while. I will have to remember to take some pictures when we get around to cleaning our boots.



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