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Friday Daily Deals

Looking for your next summer read? I am always amazed at how much new books can cost, so when I find deals like this I can't help but grab a new read knowing I am saving some money! The hardcover copy of The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner is available for 78% off!

Original Price is $28.99

Deal Price is $6.50

One thing getting me through the summer heat and keeping me hydrated is my favorite Stanley 40 oz. water bottle. This thing is great because I only have to fill it twice to get my daily water. I got the silicone sleeve for the bottom because it never failed that I was bumping it against the granite counter top in our kitchen and I would hate to chip our beautiful counters. My daughter surprised me on Mother's Day with this adorable pack of straw covers. Here on Eagle Ranch we tend to get many flies in the summer, and every year I worry one is going to end up in my drink, and I am not going to see it and slurp it up. Have you ever accidentally ingested a bug?

You can find the all items

Silicone Sleeve

Straw cover (make sure its a 10mm size to fit the Stanley straw)

Inside my Stanley I like to add Hydrate from Coffee Over Cardio! They have so many good flavors. My favorite is the Strawberry Daiquiri and Eric likes the Pink Lemonade. These can be purchased in individual packets, that make it easy and quick to keep in your purse, lunch box or car. Or you can get the canister, it comes with a small scoop.

Use Code : Kaila10 for 10% off

Are misquitos becoming a problem in your area? Here in Colorado we have had an unusual amount of rain for this time of year. So of course I had to snag some of these mosquito repellent bracelets for the kids and myself! I love that they are DEET FREE and made with essential oils.

Grab yours here (on sale for $9.99)

Does dad need some new BBQ Grill accessories? These stainless steel grilling tolls would be a great last minute gift for Father's Day. Or if you are tired of packing up your "home" set to take on camping trips, grab a second set for the camper!

Original price $27.99

Deal Price $18.03

Get your set for 36% off here

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