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Travel Essentials

It is that time of year when you might be traveling more, which is great seeing as the past few years we have all had to limit the trips we are taking! If you are planning a big or small trip this summer I hope that you have an amazing time! My husband just had a 4 day work trip to Texas, and my dad and step mom are about to travel much further in August! A lot of what my family has purchased we are able to use more often then just for vacations and work trips!

My husband was able to pack his four days of clothes and supplies in a carry on duffle, which makes leaving the airport much quicker! If you can get away with packing lighter, I would suggest that. Here is the bag he used!

This bag has so much space! He packed four days of clothes, some snacks and all his toiletries and still had so much more space! It has a compartment for shoes, that keeps them away from your clothing. The straps are adjustable and as you can see in the photo there are multiple ways to carry it. We have used this bag when traveling a few hours from home and we can usually get two adults and one of our kids stuff into it for a weekend trip.

We also own these packing cubes. These are a fantastic item to get if you do a lot of traveling. I love that it helps keep everything folded and contained, your bag stays neat and organized the entire time if you use these. This set comes in a set of 6, with different sizes! One benefit to these, it can help keep your dirty laundry separated from the clean if you are not washing items on your trip

I got this passport organizer for my dad in 2019 after him and his wife took their first trip where a passport was needed. It took me a while to pick one because I wanted one that had space for more than just your passport. This one has a spot for some credit cards, your tickets and boarding passes, along with a spot for memory cards! This one also has multiple color options if this color is not your favorite. I also really liked that it had the closure tab on it, I would hate to loose something so important while traveling!

These are some of our favorite purchases we have made on travel supplies. Often times you feel disorganized and stressed while traveling, so purchasing items that help in those areas can relieve some stress even just a little bit. Rather you are traveling far or near, finding good quality items that are also somewhat stylish can be difficult. These are just a few items that we have enjoyed using and made travel a little less stressful! Add in a book by your favorite author and you're set to enjoy a trip where memories can be made.

Affiliate links are used and we do make a small commission from qualified purchases. Product pricing and availability is subject to change at any moment.

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